At Miramoona we still believe our focus is to breed sheep that produce high value free growing 18 micron wool with high reproductive rates and a natural resistance to worms. We also believe we have the ability to produce sheep that meet modern carcass specifications.
To be able to:
  • Breed fine wooled, heavy cutting sheep, using the SRS® selection system
  • Produce an ultra soft fibre that has superior processing qualities that match consumer preferences for soft, lightweight fabrics and close to the skin active wear.
  • Breed worm resistant sheep achieved through identifying those Merinos with enhanced natural resistance to worms.
  • Be able to breed predicable sheep and to supply clients the animals that most suit their breeding and business goals.
  • Still increasing fleece weight.
Careful selection and mating programs are followed to achieve the rapid genetic results Miramoona has aimed for.
  • Stud ewes and rams are run under heavy stocking rates and commercial conditions, which we believe is imperative for good genetic selection and maximum profitability
  • Careful selection and mating programs are followed to achieve the rapid genetic results Miramoona has aimed for.
  • Constitution, conformation and fertility are vitally important considerations.
  • Pedigree and performance records are kept.
  • Progeny testing is carried out of both rams and ewes to identify the best breeding parents.
  • AI has been used to introduce genetics. An ET program has been carried out to utilise exceptional breeders within the stud.
  • Objective measurements and ASBV’s used to fine tune selection and keep track of wool and carcass traits
  • Fertility a strong feature within the flock and stud with multiple births encouraged.

Miramoona Merinos are a Saxon/Peppin cross. They are large framed, uncomplicated and robust sheep producing ultra soft 18 micron wool. Whilst we are able to retain many of the worthwhile characteristics of fine wool sheep, we are breeding a heavier cutting more robust type, suitable for use in both high rainfall areas of the tablelands and the hotter, drier areas adjacent. Miramoona breeds rams that are suitable for the flock-owner who is interested in reducing the fibre diameter of a medium wool flock without sacrificing fleeceweight and constitution of the sheep.

Miramoona continues to sell the majority of rams to areas outside the tablelands. Because Miramoona sheep are selected to perform in a summer rainfall environment, they are inherently resistant to the development of fleece-rot, and hence flystrike. This valuable characteristic is passed on to the flocks in which they are used.
Miramoona has an ongoing pursuit of stabilising micron, while still increasing fleece weight.

The five year adult average is 18.0 and the hogget five year average is 16.5 The finest hogget bale in 2007 measured 14.1 micron using visual classing only.

Information supplied by Sheep Genetics, MERINOSELECT on Miramoona’s progress.

Information supplied by Merino Genetic Services on Miramoona’s progress.

Miramoona has a Monitored Negative 3 status (MN3) for Ovine Johnes Disease as well as all of our neighbouring flocks also having MN3 status. New England is located in a safe portion of the state and an Exclusion Area.
Miramoona was one of the original studs in the Nemesis Project in 1994 looking at identifying sheep with resistance to worms. We still believe this will be an extremely important factor in years to come.

Since 1995 Miramoona has been working to identify and continues to breed towards worm resistant sheep by identifying those with an enhanced natural resistance to worms. Sheep managers are finding it harder to rely on drenches for worm control. Worm Egg Count (WEC) ASBV’s are been used to identify those resistant animals. (Miramoona 010008)

Ultra sound scanning ewes

Fertility within the stud and flock is a strong feature. Ultrasound scanning consistently shows in natural matings a twinning rate of 40% and greater. An ET (Embryo Transfer) Program has been in place in place to utilize exceptional breeders that we continue to identify within the stud. Miramoona has achieved a result of double the national average again showing the fertility within the flock and stud.

Embryo flushing Miramoona ewes
Miramoona offers a service to producers and clients. This involves classing individual flocks, offering advice on mating strategies, assisting in ram management, and is structured to the needs of the client. . This ensures clients maximise mating and enables the commercial woolgrower to progress at a higher rate. The service is charged at a daily rate.